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3 Exciting EV Stocks to Buy for 100% Returns

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The electric vehicle (EV) market has a high-growth potential that seems to be increasingly favorable in comparison to gas-fueled cars. Last quarter alone, more than 300,000 EVs were sold in the United States. This indicates the growing increase in demand for environmentally-friendly vehicles. In 2025, its expected that EV sales will account for half of car sales worldwide. It will also account for 85% of car sales in the U.S. While the competition is fierce in the market, the continuously rising demand for EVs still leaves EV companies with a high-growth potential. Many companies will see drastic growth, while many others will fail. Below are the three EV stocks to buy that I have the most potential.

Stellanis (STLA)

Stellanis (NYSE:STLA) is an EV company with the potential that the EV market holds, but that offsets much of the risk. Headquartered in Amsterdam, Stellanis is a European EV powerhouse. The company boasts a market cap of around $60 billion, amongst the highest in the EV space. From both a qualitative and quantitative outlook, Stellanis is a buy. 

With a P/E ratio of about 2.75 in comparison to the industry average of around nine, Stellanis has a lot of unfulfilled potential in terms of price. The company’s financials are strong, with Stellanis having a P/B ratio of 0.70. Compare this to an industry average of around 1.3. Additionally, the company has strong profit margins and large revenue. Each quarter, it rapidly grows its revenue, making a large profit. On the other hand, many other EV companies are constantly turning a loss. 
The company has significant room for growth, dominating the large European EV market. As of now, they control the majority of the European market and are making impressive strides in the North American one. This is signaling that they will absorb much of the industry growth. They are also bought $1.6 billion of Chinese EV company Leapmotor, showing their diversification plans. 

Xpeng (XPEV)

XPeng (NYSE:XPEV) is a Chinese EV manufacturing company headquartered in Guangzhou with multiple main offices located in major cities overseas. The company announced that the company delivered more than 15,000 Smart EVs last month alone, which was a 12% increase from August and 81% increase year-over-year (YoY)

Furthermore, XPeng recently delivered 750 of its vehicles to Israel. This was the largest single batch of exports for the year. Despite facing regulations abroad, specifically in Europe and the United States, the Chinese EV maker seems adamant on expanding its operations in Israel. Potentially, XPeng will expand to the larger Middle East market. XPeng has partnered with Israel company Frisbee, revealing the company’s ability to customize its products based on consumer preferences. The company is trying to expand its operations worldwide, and thus far has been successful. Expanding internationally allows it to tap into potential outside the highly competitive Chinese market, instead allowing the company to focus on growth and profitability. XPeng definitely earns its spot on our list of EV stocks to buy.

Ford (F)

Ford (NYSE:F) is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. It is headquartered in the U.S. The size of the company supplements its EV segment, which has been seeing success. Ford’s Model e EV has experienced a 44% increase in shipments and a 26% revenue growth. Though Ford is losing money from selling EVs, it has been a dominant company for decades. This permits its other operations to subsidize its losses. Meanwhile, smaller EV competitors like Lucid face the risk of bankruptcy if they take on excessive losses.

Ford also came to an agreement with the United Auto Workers union, ending a concern about its short-term prospects. They have been investing heavily into their EV segment, stopping production of various gas-fueled cars to hone in on EVs. I think that Ford’s financial stability, strong presence and heavy investments in EV will lead to it absorbing much of the growth that is expected to arise in the EV industry. If you are looking for EV stocks to buy, this is a great place to start!

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Tomas is a self-taught investor with a passion for ESG investing. He has managed the portfolio of a small investment fund, interned at a Fortune 500 investment company, and started his own research firm. Through his freelance writing, he now aims to find favorable investments in companies with a mission of bettering the world.

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