5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Halloween Without Scaring Your Wallet

Halloween is almost here, but it’s not too late to celebrate the spooky season. Whether you want to keep things low key or invite your friends and family to join the festivities, you still have time to make plans.

Life is expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween while on a budget. You don’t have to empty your bank account to have fun with your favorite people. Here are a few creative ways to celebrate Halloween without scaring your wallet.

1. Dress up in a DIY costume and hand out candy

For those without kids, there is still fun to be had on Halloween night. If you live in an area that sees trick-or-treaters, why not get into the spirit by handing out Halloween candy?

You can keep things affordable by dressing up in a DIY costume made with items from around the house. And retailers like Aldi and Target are great places to stock up on inexpensive candy.

2. Take a stroll at your local park and admire the leaves

Perhaps you want to experience those feel-good fall vibes instead of scary ones. I have the perfect idea for you: Visit your favorite local park and take a stroll.

Walking is a good move for your body and mind and offers the ideal excuse to get outdoors and step away from technology. As an added bonus, you can admire the beautiful fall foliage around you.

3. Attend last-minute local Halloween events and activities

Some Halloween celebrations, like a visit to an elaborate haunted house, can be expensive. But not every celebratory event costs money. There may be some last-minute community happenings nearby. Check your community’s social media pages or the local paper to see if any free or low-cost local activities are happening in the next few days.

In my area, there is a free fall festival and parade happening this upcoming weekend. Another nearly free event near my home is a ghost story bonfire evening at a local brewery. The event itself is free. I plan to stop by and have a beer, making for an affordable night out.

4. Paint pumpkins with your kids

Carving pumpkins can be fun, but it’s not the safest or easiest option if you have younger kiddos. If you want to plan a kid-friendly Halloween activity that won’t leave you feeling broke, you might consider painting pumpkins.

This fun project encourages creativity. Many stores discount their pumpkins a few days before Halloween, so you may find a good deal. If you don’t have paint or other craft supplies, a dollar store is a good place to shop for cheap essentials.

5. Listen to a spooky podcast or audiobook

Maybe you’re looking for a stress-free, pajama-friendly way to celebrate the holiday. If so, you’re my kind of person. You don’t have to go all out or attend a busy event to celebrate.

If you want to stay in and enjoy something other than a scary movie, consider listening to a spooky podcast or audiobook. Either option provides a low-key way to experience all the spooky vibes without the need to make elaborate plans or put on uncomfortable pants.

You can have fun without ignoring your finances

As you continue working toward meeting your personal finance goals, ensure you don’t skip out on having fun. Sticking to a budget is wise, but you should also prioritize enjoying life. Luckily, you don’t have to run up an expensive credit card bill to get into the Halloween spirit.

This Halloween season, I dare you to get creative and find free and low-cost ways to celebrate the holiday.

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