Aldi’s Produce Prices Often Beat Costco’s. Here’s Why I Buy Produce at Costco Anyway


I’ve been a loyal Costco member for many years. With a family of five to feed, buying groceries in bulk, including produce, has always been practical and economical for us. A year ago, a friend suggested I check out Aldi for its ultra-low prices. I decided to give it a try, particularly for produce, which we consume in large quantities. While Aldi’s prices can sometimes be competitive with Costco’s, especially for produce, I generally stick with Costco for several key reasons.

The Convenience Factor

One major drawback of shopping at Aldi is the inconsistent selection. This inconsistency applies not only to produce but also to shelf-stable products. My first few trips to Aldi were relatively successful, but in recent months, I’ve frequently been disappointed.

Either Aldi doesn’t have some of the produce items on my list, or what they do have is in poor condition—shrivelled and wilted fruits and vegetables are not uncommon. When it comes to buying fresh produce, this is a significant deterrent.

The Challenge of Multiple Trips

Some might suggest stopping at Aldi for produce and then heading to Costco if I can’t find everything I need. While this is a good suggestion in theory, as a busy full-time working mom of three kids, I often don’t have the luxury of time to make an extra trip to another store. Moreover, as a self-employed writer paid by assignment, every extra grocery stop means less time at my desk earning money.

For instance, I might save $5 to $10 on my weekly produce haul if Aldi has everything I need—which is a big “if.” However, if making the extra stop costs me $50 in income, the savings are negated. Thus, it makes more sense for me to buy produce at Costco, where availability is more predictable.

Financial Benefits of Costco’s Cash Back

It’s true that Aldi sometimes offers lower prices than Costco. However, at Costco, I benefit from 4% cash back on my produce purchases. This cash back comes from two sources:

  1. Executive Membership: This provides 2% cash back on all purchases.
  2. Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi: This card offers an additional 2% cash back on Costco purchases.

Often, the cash back I receive from Costco compensates for the potential savings at Aldi. Additionally, it’s rare for Costco to not have every produce item on my list, further cementing its convenience and reliability.

The Cost of Groceries and Time Efficiency

With grocery prices rising, finding ways to spend less is always a priority. However, the methods I choose must make sense within my broader circumstances. For self-employed individuals who are pressed for time, avoiding stores with inconsistent selections like Aldi might be the best option. Sticking to reliable stores like Costco ensures that time isn’t wasted—time that could be used to earn money instead.

Quality and Variety at Costco

High-Quality Produce

Another reason I prefer Costco is the quality of produce. Costco’s produce section consistently offers fresh, high-quality fruits and vegetables. In comparison, Aldi’s produce can sometimes fall short, as mentioned earlier. High-quality produce is crucial for maintaining a healthy diet for my family, and I can always count on Costco to deliver in this regard.

Wide Variety

Costco also offers a wider variety of produce compared to Aldi. Whether I’m looking for organic options, exotic fruits, or bulk quantities of staple vegetables, Costco rarely disappoints. This variety allows me to cater to my family’s diverse dietary preferences without having to visit multiple stores.

Bulk Buying: A Family Necessity

For a family of five, buying in bulk is not just convenient but necessary. Costco’s bulk buying options mean fewer trips to the store and less time spent shopping overall. Aldi’s smaller packaging and inconsistent stock levels make it less ideal for a large family like mine. At Costco, I can stock up on essentials and ensure that we always have enough fresh produce on hand.

The Role of Membership Benefits

Executive Membership Perks

As a Costco Executive Member, I enjoy several perks beyond the 2% cash back. These include exclusive discounts on various services and products, from travel packages to insurance plans. These additional benefits make the annual membership fee worthwhile and enhance the overall value I get from shopping at Costco.

Costco Anywhere Visa® Card

The Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi not only offers 2% cash back on Costco purchases but also provides cash back on other categories such as gas (4%), dining (3%), and travel (3%). This card’s benefits extend beyond groceries, making it a valuable financial tool for managing household expenses effectively.

Customer Experience and Service

Store Layout and Shopping Experience

Costco stores are designed for a smooth shopping experience. Wide aisles, clear signage, and helpful staff make it easy to find what I need quickly. In contrast, Aldi’s smaller store layout can feel cramped, and the limited staff means less assistance is available when needed.

Returns and Satisfaction Guarantee

Costco’s return policy is another significant advantage. Their satisfaction guarantee ensures that I can return any product I’m not happy with, no questions asked. This peace of mind is invaluable, especially when buying perishable items like produce. Aldi’s return policy, while fair, is not as generous, adding another point in Costco’s favor.

Costco’s Additional Offerings

In-Store Services

Beyond groceries, Costco offers a range of in-store services that add to its convenience. These include optical services, a pharmacy, a food court, and even tire services. Being able to take care of multiple errands in one trip saves time and simplifies my weekly routine.

Special Events and Promotions

Costco frequently holds special events and promotions, offering discounts on seasonal items, electronics, clothing, and more. These events provide additional savings opportunities and make each shopping trip potentially more rewarding.

Community and Corporate Responsibility

Ethical Sourcing

Costco is committed to ethical sourcing practices, ensuring that their products are sourced responsibly. This commitment extends to their produce, where they prioritize suppliers who adhere to sustainable farming practices. Knowing that I’m supporting a company with ethical standards adds to my preference for shopping at Costco.

Community Involvement

Costco’s involvement in community programs and charitable initiatives further solidifies my loyalty. They actively contribute to various causes, from disaster relief to educational programs, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact beyond just retail.

Conclusion: Why Costco Wins Over Aldi for Produce

While Aldi offers competitive prices, especially for produce, the overall convenience, consistent quality, financial benefits, and additional perks of shopping at Costco make it my preferred choice. For busy, self-employed individuals like myself, the reliability and efficiency of Costco outweigh the occasional savings at Aldi.

Costco’s robust cash back programs, high-quality produce, bulk buying options, and excellent customer service create a shopping experience that meets my family’s needs effectively. The added benefits of membership and the company’s commitment to ethical practices and community involvement further enhance the value I derive from being a loyal Costco member.

If you’re considering where to shop for your produce, weigh the importance of consistent quality, financial benefits, and overall shopping experience. For my family and me, Costco remains the best choice, providing a reliable and rewarding shopping experience week after week.

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