The Real-World Pied Piper Of The ‘New Internet’

Syntropy, a company building the “new Internet,” announced that Shawn Hakl, former SVP at Verizon
and 5G strategist for Microsoft, and Roman Pacewicz, former Chief Product Officer at AT&T
, will be joining the company’s advisory board, alongside internet pioneer Bill Norton, who became Syntropy team as co-founder in 2019. Norton is recognized internationally for his work on Internet peering.

“Syntropy challenges the way the Internet has worked in the past and uses blockchain to bring together a lot of different elements to create an intelligent overlay on top of existing infrastructure. I’m excited to see how Syntropy can play a role in the future of delivering virtual experiences and connectivity of devices, where speed and security are paramount,” says Roman Pacewicz.

Syntropy is not the first blockchain-based attempt at upgrading the Internet. Several indirect competitors such as SmartMesh, Helium, Theta Network and Ammbr, are finding synergies in internet optimization through blockchain, tokenization, and new methods of encryption, focusing on the peer-to-peer aspect of the internet. Additionally, China is building the Blockchain Services Network, a new network connecting private and public blockchains, focusing on Asia and Africa. Similar to establishing competing colonial transport routes for goods, 21st century companies and government are competing for control over the digital routes for data, and it is yet to be seen which new internet catches on.

The Internet is a fundamental right.

In the final season of the popular show, Silicon Valley, Richard Hendricks and the gang took to blockchain to re-invent the Internet, calling it Pied Piper. The goal was to make a new network that was decentralized, secure, and optimized for speed. As usual, the show was echoing real-life issues of today. Optimizing our network connection is no longer a “nice thing to have.” Nothing defines modern civilization as much as digital connectivity—from learning, to work, to entertainment, and basic social connection. 

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