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Wind arises as a result of a group of natural factors such as the difference in temperature between night and day, and the sun’s thermal energy is the main source of wind energy, and scholars estimate that 1% of the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth’s surface is consumed in the formation of wind, as the solar rays heat the contact air. And close to the land at a higher rate than it is over water bodies such as seas and oceans, and therefore the density of air on land becomes less than it is over water bodies; These thermal differences between the layers of the atmosphere during the day lead to the generation of energy capable of converting the heat capacity resulting from the fall of the sun’s rays into a kinetic ability possessed by the air molecules, and this kinetic ability is represented by the movement of air from high pressure areas (tropics) to low pressure areas (the poles). ).

1.The wind speed calculation

The wind strength is measured by a device called the anemometer ,and its direction is determined by a special device also called the air vane, and for the success of the measurement, these devices are required to be placed in a free position away from any obstruction to the movement of the wind in order to obtain correct readings..

2.Categories of wind turbines

Wind turbines are generally classified according to several categories:

1- Depending on the direction of its axis

It is either with an axis parallel to the surface of the earth (HAWT), which is the most widespread and has the highest yield and capacity, or with axes perpendicular to the surface of the earth, the axis of the turbine is perpendicular to the direction of the wind and is characterized by ease of operation and maintenance compared to the horizontal axis turbine, but its yield and capacity are relatively low ( VAWT photo(2)


2- Depending on the direction of the wind

It is either facing the winds UP Wind, in which the rotor with the blades is facing the movement of the wind and makes up the vast majority of the turbines, and these turbines have a twisting mechanism to keep the rotor facing the wind.
Or consistent with the direction of the wind Down Wind, in which the rotor is located behind the tower. It is characterized by that it does not have a twisting mechanism, especially the small ones, but rather rotates automatically so that the axis of the rotor remains parallel to the direction of the wind, but its main problem is the disturbance of the wind movement behind the tower, which affects the blade as a result of the effect of the shadow of the tower. Thus, increased stress loads on the blades and turret. picture(3)

3- It is also classified according to the number of its blades and it is with one blade, two blades, three blades or multi blades, bearing in mind that the most common and efficient types are three blades, and it is the most widespread due to its multiple features such as high dynamic stability, and the decrease in vibrations where the high blade load is distributed over the The axis of rotation is parallel during movement. picture(4)

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