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If you own a boat and like to spend some time at sea, you probably know that electricity isn’t really accessible in the middle of the Pacific.  Or rather, was.  Because if there is one thing you can find in the middle of the ocean, it’s wind.  Which is very practical for recharge the batteries of your boat thanks in particular to the marine wind turbine.

The marine wind turbine follows the same principle as the other models: under the force of the wind, the rotation of the blades turns a generator, which then functions as an alternator.  The mechanics are mainly located in the turbine body, which facilitates wiring and assembly, and increases the reliability of
wind turbines.  The turbine controller is used to check the speed of rotation of the
blades, eliminating hum, especially in high winds.

In addition, wind turbines are subject to significant stresses during
strong winds, the electronic stall system significantly reduces
the forces on the turbine and the mast.  The new models thus became
relatively silent.

Note that on a boat, the wind turbine can be coupled to a solar panel to take full advantage of weather and navigation conditions.
Marine wind turbines are used to power and charge the batteries of the boat at sea. They are treated for marine use and therefore resist salted water.

Some can perform work equivalent to that of a shore charger.  He there are also different brands, but the models are generally 12, 24
or 48 V for a very variable power.  These criteria are of course to be put in
according to your needs and your budget: count between 500 and 1,500 € for
a boat wind turbine.
Also be aware that there is hardly any maintenance or upkeep to be expected.
Last point: a large number of marine wind turbines have a regulator integrated voltage which improves performance and optimizes energy output,which also helps protect the batteries.

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