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Larry Ellison: The 5th Richest Man in the World Backs Tim Scott, but Vegas Has the Odds at 125 to 1, Where a $1,000 Bet Pays $125,000

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In the world of politics, the unexpected often takes center stage, and the 2024 presidential race is shaping up to be no different. The recent announcement of Oracle co-founder and Republican megadonor Larry Ellison’s substantial backing of Senator Tim Scott’s presidential campaign has caught the attention of both political pundits and casual observers. With odds in Vegas currently predicting a 125 to 1 chance for Tim Scott to become President, it’s worth exploring why Ellison’s support might be a game-changer, especially in a field that some consider weak.

Larry Ellison’s involvement in politics is not new. He has a history of significant financial contributions to various Republican causes and candidates. In the 2022 midterms, Ellison donated a staggering $30 million to the pro-Scott super PAC, Opportunity Matters Fund. This early support clearly signals his belief in Scott’s potential as a presidential candidate.

Scott officially announced his campaign recently, and it was during this announcement that Ellison’s presence was felt. The billionaire entrepreneur, with a net worth of about $115 billion, sat in a VIP section at Scott’s campaign rally in South Carolina. Scott, in turn, publicly acknowledged Ellison as “one of my mentors.” This endorsement is not only a financial one but also speaks to the personal connection and respect between the two.

What makes Larry Ellison’s backing of Tim Scott particularly noteworthy is the magnitude of his financial commitment. While he contributed over $7 million to various political causes in 2020, including $5 million to the Opportunity Matters Fund, insiders suggest that his support this time around is likely to at least double his previous contributions. Sources close to Ellison reveal that he may donate up to $10 million to the Trust In The Mission PAC (TIM PAC) in the early stages of Scott’s campaign.

Even more intriguing is the indication that Ellison could potentially contribute an additional $20 million to $30 million throughout the campaign cycle. Such a financial boost could significantly impact Scott’s chances, especially considering the high stakes of presidential campaigns.

Ellison’s admiration for Tim Scott stems from the senator’s unwavering support for Israel, according to insiders. This shared stance on a critical foreign policy issue likely strengthens their bond and further solidifies Ellison’s commitment to Scott’s campaign.

As the political landscape evolves, it’s essential to remember that predictions and odds can be misleading. While Vegas currently places Senator Tim Scott at long odds, the backing of influential figures like Larry Ellison can alter the course of a campaign dramatically. The 2024 presidential race is still in its early stages, and with Ellison’s deep pockets and unwavering support, it would be unwise to underestimate the potential of Tim Scott’s bid for the presidency. In politics, as in life, surprises can happen when you least expect them


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