Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posts letter from Amazon admitting it keeps finding urine in bottles after company denials : politics

Worked for Amazon once in a fulfillment center during “peak” because I was desperate for money. It felt a little bit like a deal with the devil sometimes

Sure, I wasn’t homeless, but just barely. Most of my social relationships died because i couldn’t really afford the time off, and they scheduled long hours with limited time off, and an insane number of penalties. If you got in five minutes late, you were deducted the full hour.

At one point 12 hour shifts were made mandatory, and I was living about 40 miles away. With traffic, that’s an hour and a half drive. I was dead tired with absolutely zero personal time and minimal self care time. You can’t really take days off either, what used to be three days off is now two days off, and if you run out of time, you’re canned

When covid rolled around, there were two separate occasions where someone tested positive and they didn’t tell anyone for 2 days, then released a statement of when that employee was last on site. They did that twice.

It just really bothers me when you live that for a few months, you see coworkers sleeping in their cars, some of them are homeless, and then you see articles praising Amazon, and see tweets like “we don’t piss in bottles!”, or those weird ass ambassador tweets from a few years ago (2018?) That were all just like… “it’s so crazy you think Amazon doesn’t treat people like people! I’m a manager, and i can even afford my apartment AND a smoothie sometimes!”

It’s confusing and insulting

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