AOC Tells Student Loan Borrowers to Apply ‘Political Pressure’ for Cancellation Amid Tax Break : politics

Two problems here.

One- the banking industry owns Congress, full stop. Even if we all burn up their inboxes & phone lines, Citigroup alone can buy and sell their political parties 3x over and Congress knows it. That’s a lot of payola to overcome.

Problem 2: without structural reform of post-secondary education from top to bottom, any loan cancellation law becomes a one time windfall. It’s not fair to people who paid off their loans or the ones who come later and pay even MORE.

Fortunately, these problems are relatively straightforward to address.

One- we get real estate & the auto industry lobbyists on our side. Citigroup and cohorts don’t give a fuck about jammed politician voicemails. They’ll care a lot more about being outspent by the combined real estate and auto dealer lobbies wanting that freed up consumer capital from repealed student loan debts. If a monsters wrecking Tokyo, call Godzilla.

Two- if we get the first solution done right, we can bring true financial pressure on colleges to get their shit together and truly reform the educational/finance system. No more userous tuition bills , inflated college admin salaries or trading endowments on the stock market .Then the student loan zombie goes in the ground and stays buried – forever.

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