Biden Is Reigniting the Movement to Oppose Standardized Testing. Teachers always knew the tests lacked validity, and now some progressive Democrats in Congress are joining their opposition. : politics

Hiding behind the fig leaf of “civil rights” organizations, it inevitably traces back to the same billionaires, spending millions to commodify education, conduct mass experiments, and kneecap teacher unions.

In this revealing 2012 video, the highest ranking politicos in the game convened at a Thomas B. Fordham Institute-hosted soiree for wealthy donors, laying bare a bipartisan plot to blanket the country with campaign cash and astroturf in pursuit of standardized tests, teacher evaluations, and Common Core, grooming a new breed of teachers to overcome resistance to corporate privatization. 

Created by for-profit corporations like Pearson, Questar, or American Institutes for Research (AIR), the tests and the scoring are built upon incomprehensible formulas, broad presumptions, and subjective, developmentally inappropriate benchmarks which prominent statistical organizations repeatedly urged should not be used in high-stakes decisions.

Teachers, myself included, see the harm up close, the labeling, the wasted time, the junk science, the disillusionment, and the tears, vomit, and peed pants. Teachers foresee yet another chaotic testing season, but this time it’s Joe Biden in the White House, seemingly deferring to the world’s richest social engineers. 

And because testing “makes no sense,” we can only hope sanity may yet prevail.

As a teacher, I feel the exact same way. I could not concur more. It is infuriating to have to deal with schools always under evaluation and then castigated due to one test. Then, the kids are ultimately labeled and made to see themselves as either winners or losers in school. I see so many kids who simply don’t care from all the testing. It’s such an arbitrary measure in scope, but it does such quantifiable damage to children’s futures. I hope we can just end it.

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