Capitol police have the best case against Trump for the insurrection

Trump and his followers are terrorists, pure and simple. Although it’s tough to limit the reasons for this to 10,000 characters or less I’ll try. I’ll use what little time I have to take up the mantle and stand up for truth even if it’s just here on reddit.

Let’s be honest. The Trump, the GOP, and the capitol insurrectionists love to hide behind jargon. Translating this bit of jargon into English isn’t easy. Basically, it’s saying that individual worth is defined by race, ethnicity, religion, or national origin, which we all know is patently absurd. They have so far pretended to be as innocent as a newborn lamb and that’s equally absurd. Things that you or I might regard as recalcitrant or mentally deficient might be considered by the GOP’s backers as an article of faith, a philosophical conviction, a political opinion, or even theology. That’s an important thing to remember, but I’m afraid a lot of readers might miss it so I’ll say a few more words on the subject.

The GOP wants to foster suspicion—if not hatred—of women, minorities, the LGBTQ+ community, you name it. Is this so it can introduce more restrictions on our already dwindling freedoms, or is it to pit race against race, religion against religion, and country against country? You be the judge. In either case, documents written by its confidants typically include the line, The eradication of the GOP’s denigrators would restore mankind’s golden age and save humanity from ruination, in large, 30-point type, as if the size of the font gives weight to the words. In reality, all that that fancy formatting really does is underscore the fact that in public, the GOP promises that it’d never make me the target of a constant, consistent, systematic, sustained campaign of attacks. In private, however, it secretly tells its spin doctors that it’ll do exactly that. I think we’ve seen this movie before: It’s called Business as Usual for the GOP.

In theory we here in America should be settling our disputes with rational discussion. That’s why we have a Congress and a political system. The reality is that even though the republicans call for unity, they are doing the opposite. In an atmosphere of false rumors and misinformation, if you pry open the cover of say the “Blue lives matter” (keep in mind they murdered police that day), you’ll find a bunch of pro-the GOP cockroaches blinking in the light. You see it was never about “patriotism” or “blue lives”. The GOP, on the other hand, believes in making the pot of Stalinism overboil and scald the whole world as we can see with there overtures to Russia. If you’re a petty hoodlum, you court a morally defective minority of temerarious gits. That’s all there is to it.

Well, there is one more thing: From the perspective of those inside the GOP’s cabal, every human, regardless of intelligence, personal achievement, moral character, sense of responsibility, or sanity, should be given the power to stifle the free inquiry of science just so long as they’re on their side.

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