Coca-Cola CEO wants Congress to act after Georgia’s voting law : politics

Actually I wouldn’t go so far the other way on this. These people are snakes, and they know they will be absolutely fine if democratic policy is enacted in their home base state, or even nationwide.

It’s entirely possible that they are willing to support the other side as they believe that they could be penalized severely by the public, or possibly the government (kind of the same difference indirectly) for not doing so.

Probably though they are coming out on this side of things because they believe HR1 will pass and they’ll just get shredded for nothing if they don’t make this public statement.

Anyway, all I’m saying is that although obviously they would prefer things stay the same, they could be genuinely jumping ship because the cost-benefit-analysis has shifted.

Although to shoot my own argument in the foot, never forget that CEOs are pretty average people for the most part, complete with the usual set of biases but maybe with some extra sociopathy.

So I’m quite sure we’ve seen from time to time, big corporate decisions get swayed by personal political opinions, and not just right-wing ones. Usually not when they stand to gain a lot from the scenario, but if it’s kinda 50/50 hey. . . .

Corporations are after all, just organizations of people designed to encourage cold blooded greed, but they don’t succeed at that goal 100% of the time.

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