Cuomo ‘investigation is underway and we should see what it brings us’ : politics

Republicans have a melt down for having the facts examined. They wanted Kavanough to continue the nomination and didn’t want the facts to be examined.

Progressives also have a melt down for having the facts examined. They want Cuomo removed and didn’t want the facts to be examined.

Centrist want the facts to be examined. And day-to-day media hype regarding Cuomo’s situation should stay off the front page until the investigation is complete.

We all need to take a step back and digest the situation, and let due process play out.

Remember the russian job against Joe Biden with Tara Reade’s rape accusation? At one point, a majority of all Americans polled who have heard of the story believed Tara Reade. If we didn’t examine the accuser, Trump would have won another term.

It wasn’t until her character game under close examination that we found out that she is a terrible person, and lied about being raped by Joe Biden. If we did’t allow due process to proceed, we would have had another term of Trump due to a fake rape allegation.

One of Cuomo’s accuser has already been found to be not credible. Boylin was caught bullying Black employees. Another’s accusation is from an anonymous source, and her accusation is almost exactly the same as Tara Reade’s. Coincidence? Probably less likely in the age of Jacob Whorls, The Russians, Bad Faith Progressives, and the Trump supporters.

Another one of the Cuomo accusers has been caught using her spotlight to form a PAC to challenge Democratic Senators and call out Biden and Harris.

We all need to step back and digest the situation.

First, the nursing home stuff has been known for months. This has been being investigated and we should be patient until it concludes. The reason Cuomo has been getting so much attention just now for the nursing homes is the accusations of sexual harassment allegations, which is absolutely bullshit.

Many people interact the way Cuomo does to show familiarity. This is just the way Cuomo acts. He doesn’t mean anything sexual by this.

This whole campaign against Cuomo is really similar to progressive/republican/possibly russian coalition that tried to take Biden out due to his interpersonal skills. It looks bad at first, but then the American people saw through the bullshit.

Cuomo’s allegation are no worse than Biden. You’ll also see Biden making similar gestures of comfort and empathy. ,

, .

And guess what, it’s ok. It’s how older people interact. If you’re not into it, that’s fine, just remove their hands. But don’t do nothing, and then accuse them of sexual assault months later.

As time goes on, I think the American people will see through the bullshit. If they didn’t, we would have had another term of Trump. Think about that.

What’s really dangerous is that if they get away with it and actually oust Cuomo because of this, they’ll use it as precedent to go after Joe Biden, because Cuomo and Biden have very similar interpersonal skills when it comes to physical communication.

It is a republican / bad faith progressive / russian disinformation dream come true, and it would be extremely efficient media manipulation. At that point, they would have completely controlled the media manipulation. During any debate, they’ll cite Cuomo’s ousting, and there’s no coming back from that, because Cuomo would have already been convicted in the court of the media and public opinion.

If the investigations do conclude that Cuomo had misconduct in the nursing home scandals, I’ll be the first calling on him to resign. But lets remain mature and let due process take its place, and not give in to manufactured outrage of the sexual harassment allegations being boosted by disinformation campaigns run by bad-faith actors who tried to get Trump elected by derailing Biden.

Finally, I would like to give a kudos to this subreddit. Most of the stories about Cuomo have been being downvoted off the front page. Maybe the comments are full of bad-faith progressives, but the majority of this silent majority sub are reasonable centrists. There has been only one article on this thats reached the front page, and that happened in the dead of night while it was day time in Russia.

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