Former Kentucky State Rep. Charles Booker “strongly considering” run for US Senate in 2022 against Rand Paul : politics

Do you really believe that McGrath ran as a centrist, or that she embraced conservative policies that are unpopular in Kentucky?

She ran on expanding the ACA and creating a public option, and Medicare buy-in, universal access to Head Start, subsidies for public schools with predominantly nonwhite student bodies, student loan forgiveness, an end to the MUAF that allows us to maintain a presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, a shift to solar and wind power, gun control, and reversing Trump’s immigration policies.

Not hard to see why she didn’t win in Kentucky.

This is something that the far left loves to do in red states. First, they rally around a liberal candidate. They cite a few outlier polls and ask everyone to chip in $5 or $20, which siphons resources from winnable races. Then the liberal gets shellacked, and they claim that the reason is that the candidate was not liberal enough to win in Texas, Kentucky, Mississippi, or wherever they were running.

Meanwhile, the Democrats who actually win in red states turn out to be the ones who are more conservative than the party as a whole. Democrats like the hated Kyrsten Sinema, Jon Tester, Joe Manchin, and Maggie Hassan, all of whom won their respective elections by less than 3%.

I know progressives don’t like centrist Democrats, but the fact is that none of those seats would have been taken by a progressive, and all of those votes were necessary to push through Biden’s Covid relief package.

Want to start winning in states like Kentucky? Run candidates like Joe Manchin in states like Kentucky.

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