If lawmakers want to eliminate abortion, then increase sex ed and birth control access : politics

Oklahoma lawmakers could pass measures reducing abortions without prompting court challenges to constitutional protections.

But, for decades they’ve rejected doing so.

Oklahoma is now No. 4 in teen births.

Delaware received national attention for dropping its abortion rate by 37% in just three years (2014-2017). The state had been No. 1 in unplanned pregnancies until its political leaders aggressively boosted long-acting contraception access.

As more states, from Washington to South Carolina, adopted similar programs, abortions have reached the lowest number since it was legalized in 1973.

Restricting abortion access hasn’t been the leading factor in the reductions of the past decade. It’s been the combination of more effective birth control, more access to contraception and better education for youth.

If lawmakers want to get rid of abortion, then they ought to be passing bills reflecting what’s known to work.

Top 10 state, Oklahoma! We’re top 10 in teen births! Let’s celebrate with the confetti!

How sad is it that we haven’t changed a scintilla of our ideations with the abhorrent statistics staring at us directly in the face?

Of all the things that are asinine about my state, this is the most asinine, in my opinion!

We can’t use the facts to see what we are doing is not working!

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