Majority of people now identifying as Democrat while GOP backing slumps : politics

I consider myself an independent, but haven’t voted for Republican in many many years. Thing is there’s a lot of issues that die hard Democrats just fall in line with. One might consider many aspects of my ideology to be extremely progressive, but other aspects very centrist.

For example I am an extreme environmentalist. I would place protecting the environment and mitigating climate change as far and away the most important thing we can do as humans. Preserve the earth. More important than jobs creation, more important than any of the culture war issues. I think we should substantially reduce our military spending and redirect that money to social investment.

But on other topics I’m much more centrist. It would not go over well with the progressives or even democrats, when I say we shouldn’t blindly approve the local school budget without really understanding what it’s being spent on. I think the transgender athlete topic is extraordinarily nuanced and complicated. I sense certain social safety net programs, especially those related to covid, do deincentivize people to join the workplace.

So I wouldn’t consider myself a Democrat, though when choosing between a party that believes in the right to vote and democracy, and one filled with a bunch of hypocrites criminals and authoritarians, turns out I don’t have much of a choice.

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