Make Tax-Dodging Companies Pay for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

There is another way to increase the national tax base, pay the U.S. workers a minimum wage that has been adjusted for inflation, something like $18/20 /hr.

The U.S. Working class would return to being tax payers instead of tax supported cheap labor, (via EITC), the use of illegal immigrant labor to break the farm workers and meat packers unions and other ag. labor along with the destruction and offshoring of U. S. manufacturing during the 80s.

Profits stashed offshore to avoid taxes.

Reagan, tax cut, We’ll invest to modernize, they off-shored the factories and created that contractor self employed, temporary only and service job economy and kept wages low.

Profits stashed offshore to avoid taxes.

WBush, tax cut, We’ll invest in U.S. Jobs, More work sent offshore, and 20 million illegal immigrants to keep labor cheap, that plus an in crease in visa HB workers, and refugees.

Trump: tax cut, We’ll pay workers more create more jobs.

Buy back their own stock, stash more money off-shore.

U.S. Tax money pays for the U. Military power that protects U.S. investments and shipping for U.S. based corporations, but the corporations have stopped paying any of the costs of that protection.

Tax avoidance through offshore tax loopholes is a significant reason why corporations, which paid one-third of federal revenues 60 years ago, now pay one-tenth of federal revenues.

And during this same run of high profits and low taxes for our corporations, wages for U.S. workers were suppressed, health care vanished for anyone not wealthy or covered by an employer, education funds have been reduced, and of course infrastructure has crumbled both the physical and institutional.

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