McConnell’s new fear: Dems will get credit for stronger economy – According to the Kentucky Republican, under no circumstances can good news be attributed to Democratic governance –

For the majority of Americans, sure. But in our political system the majority of Americans don’t matter. The issue is that the Republicans need to keep their base perpetually enraged to get them to turn up, while Democrats are discovering their base is getting enraged and is turning up for progressive policies.

For decades Republicans have held that advantage, and Trump basically just took over the movement and holds it hostage with his personality. They are now so obsessed with purity tests and primary challengers like MTG that they can’t really coordinate a strategy to take back suburban voters and entrench in vulnerable states like Florida, Texas, and North Carolina.

Democrats on the other hand have finally figured out that if you campaign on progressive issues, or even just democratic ones, you can get people to turn up. Like I wouldn’t describe Raphael Warnock or Jon Ossoff as Bernie Sanders level left, but they were running on a democratic platform comparable to Elizabeth Warren in the deep south and they won.

What Mitch and his ilk fear the most is that a combination of age and disease will thin out the older voter bloc enough to eek out an additional net 5 points from their margins across the country, along with crazies like MTG or Boebert poisoning races with bloody primary fights and purity tests for Donald Trump which turn more centrist suburban voters against them. Then all the Fox News propaganda in the world won’t matter, as democrats will have the 53-55 senators needed to at least undermine the filibuster and they can get anti-gerrymandering bills passed, which will damn the Republicans from any hope of ever retaking the house.

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