Minnesota Governor Calls Alleged Assaults on Journalists ‘Chilling’

We’ll have to see what happens but this is good. Compare it to last summer, when Democratic mayors and governors all over the country were excusing the police, claiming they acted with “restraint,” and denying the reality we were seeing with our own eyes. I’m not sure what Walz was saying then, but here in NY that was what DeBlasio and Cuomo were spinning, and it was just flabbergasting to see them gaslight the public in plain view.

So this is good. I don’t know whether Walz deserves any credit, or if it’s just that the same old song and dance won’t work anymore. Since last summer there have been all these reports about how badly the police fucked up, and all these apologies from elected officials (including, I think, from Walz), acknowledging, belatedly, how they fucked up too. So to see the whole thing play out again in exactly the same way is just not tenable – especially where the national press are concerned.

I can’t find a link to it at the moment, but there was a segment on Reliable Sources that was just spitting fire about how one of their producers was treated – the cops yelled at her about whether or not she could speak English (she’s Asian American), roughed her up, arrested her, carted her off to jail, stripped her, and put her in an orange jumpsuit. A CNN producer! And no, she didn’t commit any crimes. And plenty of other journalists (not to mention protesters) have been treated just as badly. They brought up how their guy Jiminez was infamously arrested on camera last summer, along with his entire crew; they received an apology for that, but what good is an apology if it’s just going to happen all over again? So you have CNN blasting them on national television, you have Jake Tapper tweeting, essentially, “wtf?!” at Walz, and that’s just from one media outlet. So no, not tenable.

Which is a good thing! Last summer they could get away with it. This time, hopefully not. Walz used some pretty strong language, and I was impressed that he mentioned, by name, some non-mainstream media too, like Unicorn Riot. Maybe I’m being naive and overly optimistic. We’ll see.

Edit: I do like the thought of the cops getting what-for from their boss and being forced to back off. It must drive them up the wall.

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