Nancy Pelosi says she will ‘never forgive’ the Capitol rioters for the ‘trauma’ they caused Congressional staff and members : politics

If a couple of things had gone the other way that day we would still be living with the fallout: if Trump had walked with them to the Capitol, if just another hundred odd people had made their way into the Capitol building and if there had been a scintilla of additional planning on the part of the insurrectionists.

Now we know that there was a 2 to 3 hour period before reinforcements arrived.

If the insurrectionists had moved faster and taken hostages who knows where we’d be right now…

That’s a long way of saying that Pelosi has a point.

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Other moments in time to consider:

What if officer Goodman had not been on shift that day or been in position to lead that group away from the Senate chamber like he did?

What if the crowd around Ashli hadn’t become compliant after she got shot the way they did? Yes there was a reaction squad that arrived on the scene seconds later however in such close proximity it’s not beyond reason that the crowd could have surged forward and disarmed the officers and then proceeded past the barricaded doors.

America dodged a bullet that day, yet those sympathetic to the insurrection will only become more enraged with the passage of time as they realize that potentially that was the high watermark for “taking their country back.”

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