No, Joe Manchin, Eliminating the Filibuster Won’t Lead to “Serious Problems” : politics

Everyone here lamenting “its a horrible idea” have apparently forgotten history. And not ‘ancient’ history either – but merely the last five years! If you believe the Republicans aren’t already planning to eliminate the filibuster themselves if (or when) they regain control of the Senate, you’re deluding yourselves.

They already proved they have zero respect for anything – tradition, norms or even the law. For over a year, they refused to even consider Obama’s Supreme Court nomination under a poor excuse – which they then acted completely opposite of when it served their interests. They will 100% revoke the filibuster to prevent the Democrats from being able to do ANYTHING if they regain the Senate again. The ONLY reason they didn’t do it under Trump was they knew who they were dealing with – Trump.

As much as they kissed his ass and used him to rile their base, they knew public sentiment was equally against him. They feared exactly what happened in 2020 – the Democrats taking complete control. If they had removed the filibuster under Trump, they’d be handing the Democrats a golden platter on Day 1. By waiting, they’re using it as a weak check to – once again – Obstruct. I’d bet every dime I have that on Day 1 under GOP control of the Senate, they will proclaim “due to the historic actions of the Democrats under Biden, we have NO CHOICE but to remove the filibuster”. Doesn’t matter what Biden does or doesn’t do. They’ll obstruct and block everything they can. But it will be their dog-whistle to justify doing it. At that point, they’ll ram through as much bullshit as they can. Voting laws popping up in every GOP controlled state right now? Yeah, make that national at that point.

Want to prevent such fascism? The filibuster needs to go NOW and preserve what little democracy this nation has left before its too late. Or you can keep pissing and moaning about “you can’t do that – bad things will happen”. Meanwhile, the ship is sinking while on fire and you’re worried about wasting fuel to turn on the pumps.

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