Rand Paul refuses COVID vaccine because his “medical decisions” are personal. Trans people’s aren’t.


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Just to shut down the flood of willfully uninformed bigots that always infest these threads with spittle-flecked screeds about protecting children:

  • Surgery to transition is never offered to trans minors. It is not a thing that has ever been done.

  • Puberty blockers are reversible, and medical science has clearly established that they have minimal side effects, all of which are manageable, and are completely reversible. 1 2 3

  • Trans youth are not just being given pills to block puberty on a whim. They go through months, sometimes years of therapy and counseling to ensure they are taking the steps that are best for them, working with their family, doctors and mental health professionals.

  • Trans girls are not dominating any sports.

  • Trans boys are not being dominated in any sports.

  • Trans youth who are on puberty blockers or hormone therapy for an appropriate length of time have physical performance characteristics completely in line with their affirmed gender. This is backed up by medical science, multiple studies, and even the Olympics, who allow trans female athletes with appropriate testosterone levels to compete. 4 5

  • Anti-trans legislation and anti-trans bigotry in our culture lead to trans youth committing suicide. Rates of suicide among trans and non-binary youth are astronomical 6, and denial of gender-affirming medical care is directly responsible for increases in suicide rates among trans youth. 7

  • No, whatever outrage porn you’ve been watching is not a substitute for actual science.

People who care about protecting children don’t support legislation or policy that causes them to be more likely to kill themselves.

We know you don’t care about children; you’re only interested in the fact that trans people are your current boogeyman. You can’t call black people the n-word any more, you can’t call gay people the f-word, and you can’t engage in all the rest of the bigotry your ideology has consistently engaged in. But trans people are still a viable target- for the moment.

Who’s going to be next, one wonders? Have you guys picked the next marginalized group you’re going to make your boogeyman?

Just to get ahead of the most common replies:

The most frequent responses to this I get are:

The Title IX lawsuit in Connecticut filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of cis girls who were competing with trans girls.

When some trans girls won track and field events in Connecticut, it led to a Title IX lawsuit by cis girls.

Here’s what the people who link that frequently omit:

  • The lawsuit was filed by the Alliance Defending Freedom, an ultra-right fundamentalist Christian group that’s been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. They’re truly vile, and their involvement is purely because they hate LGBTQ individuals, not because they want to protect the rights of cis girls.

  • The plaintiffs (cis girls) in the suit later defeated the defendants (trans girls) in a race, rendering the argument that trans girls are dominating the sport invalid.

  • The lawsuit was dismissed by a Federal judge in 2021.

The British study by Timothy Roberts that claims trans women retained physical advantages 2 years after starting hormones

The other often-cited response that I frequently see cited is a study done by a guy named Timothy Roberts for a British sports medicine journal claiming that trans women retained some (minor) physical advantages 2 years after starting hormone therapy. But the study was of adult members of the military, not youth athletes, and the study author himself said:

“I’m definitely coming out and saying, ‘Hey, this doesn’t apply to recreational athletes, doesn’t apply to youth athletics,’” he said. “At the recreational level, probably one year is sufficient for most people to be able to compete.”

He also underscored the data he compiled was on adults: The average age of the airmen he studied was 26. A transgender woman who transitions before or at puberty, “doesn’t really have any advantage” when it comes to athletic performance, he said. “So that young lady should be allowed to compete with all the other people who are born women.”

General Complaints about a lack of sources

I have provided multiple links to both scientific and media-related sites that support what I have stated. For some of the points I have made, they are in the form of a negative statement, meaning I said it because no one can provide any evidence otherwise. If you have any actual evidence of trans girls dominating or trans boys being dominated in a sport, please provide it.

However, anectode is not the singular form of data. If you have a personal story about your sibling getting trounced in softball by a trans girl, that’s not evidence of anything.

And lastly, a small note:

Ask yourself this question: “If I saw a trans girl doing well at a sport, would my first assumption be that they did well only because they’re trans and not because they were the better player?”


1: NHS on Puberty Blockers: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gender-dysphoria/treatment/
2: "Debunking myths about puberty blockers for transgender children": https://pharma.nridigital.com/pharma_sept20/puberty_blockers_transgender_children
3: NYT- "What Are Puberty Blockers": https://www.nytimes.com/2021/05/11/well/family/what-are-puberty-blockers.html
4: NPR- "Wave Of Bills To Block Trans Athletes Has No Basis In Science, Researcher Says": https://www.npr.org/2021/03/18/978716732/wave-of-new-bills-say-trans-athletes-have-an-unfair-edge-what-does-the-science-s
5: Scientific American: "Trans Girls Belong on Girls’ Sports Teams- There is no scientific case for excluding them": https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/trans-girls-belong-on-girls-sports-teams/
6: Human Rights Campaign: "New Study Reveals Shocking Rates of Attempted Suicide Among Trans Adolescents":  https://www.hrc.org/news/new-study-reveals-shocking-rates-of-attempted-suicide-among-trans-adolescen
7: Advocate: "Rash of Teen Suicide Attempts After Arkansas Adopts Trans Care Ban": https://www.advocate.com/transgender/2021/4/19/rash-teen-suicide-attempts-after-arkansas-adopts-trans-care-ban

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