Some Democrats fear midterm backlash without filibuster reform : politics

They are wise to fear such.

The youth vote collapsed in the2010 midterms and everyone acts like it’s a huge mystery.

It’s not.

Millennials showed up for Obama and the democrats in ‘08 because they were promised progress and universal healthcare, by both Obama and Pelosi. They didn’t get either.

They were also old enough and smart enough to see that even with a supermajority the Democrats comprised with republicans and gave us the ACA. Which, meant most millennials were going to subsidize the entire healthcare system with their youth and get nothing in return.

(You can argue this point, but there’s no need. Millennials have a lower life expectancy than their parents. Huge swaths of them haven’t seen a doctor in years. A gigantic portion of them don’t “have” a doctor. They’re into homeopathic remedies because even those who can afford the bottom tier healthcare options can’t afford to pay the co-pays and out of pocket expenses on them.)

The youth and progressive votes got the bait and switch and it destroyed turn out for democrats all the way through Hillary’s run.

The youth and progressives showed up for Biden. But they were voting against Trump. (Studies show almost half of Biden’s supporters were not voting for him, they were voting against his opponent.)

Now, this exact pattern has repeated in ‘94 and ‘10.

If they don’t make massive progress on healthcare, student debt, marijuana, voting rights, minimum wage and police reform, they’re gonna lose seats.

Please don’t kill the messenger. These are trends you you can look at with your eyes and see for yourself. They have to get progressive policy through or they lose the progressives and they lose the youth.

I don’t want to see republicans gain power anymore than you do. But it will happen if they can’t ram these things through.

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