The Roberts court systematically dismantles the Voting Rights Act : politics


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You’re using the wrong verbiage. Don’t give them ammunition. Republicans are manipulative & lying when they say Democrats want to, “pack the courts.” That is propaganda. Republicans have ALREADY “packed the courts;” and not just the Supreme Court, but the lower Federal Courts as well. Democrats must UNPACK the courts.

I also like the idea of adding more seats to the SC to match the number of districts like it was set up to do the last time it was adjusted. I also like rotating judges around and twenty year term limits. Anyway, one can dream.

Also, I always want to add this in comments about US Federal Courts. What follows is “THE PLAN.” This is a couple of years old now, but it still applies. I feel I must spread this as much as possible so that others are aware of what’s happening.

Original Comment

This is why Republicans tolerate Trump. This is why they shield him from consequence, refuse to impeach when he demonstrably deserves impeachment, why they bend the knee to him. Whenever you ask, “but how could they… [insert incomprehensible Republican thing here], the answer is because this is what they’re doing behind the scenes. They are thinking in much longer stretches of time than you are. They are conceiving of the next twenty years, the next fifty years, and they’re using the power they have now to ensure they retain that power then.

It has always been about this, the control of the federal judiciary, the one branch of government that they realize is insulated from the will of the public, which largely despises Republicans.

Everything the Republicans do – the goals behind the goals – are about protecting themselves from Democracy. Gerrymandering does this. “state’s rights” is selectively enforced to benefit them., the propagandization of Fox News insulates them from voter outrage. Voter suppression guarantees fewer votes by people who vote against them. Citizens United enables massive corruption that disproportionately benefits the more corrupt of the two parties. And finally, the grand finale, the theft of the judiciary, who are not elected, who rule for life, and who are largely the most influential branch in terms of controlling and changing culture. Think about what SCOTUS has done. Desegregation. Abortion rights. Equal treatment for women. All the major societal shifts originate at the Supreme Court. Because your only recourse, as a citizen, outside of voting, when the government infringes on your rights, is through the courts. They are the ultimate decider in conflicts between the citizenry and their government, and they cannot be voted out, and you cannot appeal to a greater power than SCOTUS. They, more than any other branch, have a direct, measurable, and profound impact on the course of your life.

Republicans know very well that the picture of their party in the near-future is one of total collapse. No one likes them. They’re unlikable cretins appealing to fringe minority groups and religious zealots just to scrape together some coalition of voters to retain some power. They’ll have fluctuations – they love to tout that Trump did better with Hispanics than Romney – but these are not sustainable fluctuations. They’re losing generational battles. Their propaganda network – cable TV and talk radio – has very little sway with newer generations. They will not capture any votes from upcoming generations, and their own demographic is rapidly dying, hastened by their own cruel and neglectful policies.

This is all they have left. McConnell sheepishly grins as Trump spouts idiocy and treason, and then gets back to the real work of stacking the federal judiciary. They have now stuffed 20% of the federal judiciary with conservative zealots and counting.. Trump has been extraordinarily active, more so than almost any president, in stuffing judges in. And Republicans own the Supreme Court, once again, thanks to Mitch McConnell’s egregiously unconstitutional denial of a liberal President’s SCOTUS pick. And they have a good chance to just barely hang on to a Senate majority, meaning they can reject future SCOTUS appointees if a liberal wins the Presidency in 2020 and continue to cling by their claws to their power.

McConnell, let me remind everyone, is the man behind Citizens United. His lawsuit, which ultimately failed, was nevertheless the blueprint for Citizens United, which took up the mantle of the work he started to bring it across the finish line:

His crusade against campaign finance reform culminated in the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling eliminating limits on corporate spending on elections, which McConnell followed up by blocking legislation to disclose the identity of large donors. Even before that ruling, the spread of big money in politics had done so much to sour the public on government, creating a ripe target for the Tea Party and, later, for a billionaire populist running against “the swamp.”

But McConnell is no true genius. He’s just a puppet, the public-facing figurehead of the network of zealots and uber-rich who dangle the entire Republican party on strings and make them dance to their whims. Neither he nor Trump are monolithic figures. They’re just goons, foot soldiers working for a much larger organized cabal of donors and corporations and organizations.

These people all work together. They coordinate, they plan, there is a strategy. They do not give one fuck about legitimate governance or about any of the puppet theater you see on CSPAN or anywhere else. This is not where anything real happens. The real plans are laid in the back rooms of conferences between lobbyists and legislators, in late-night phone calls and behind the scenes. They practice incessant slight of hand to distract you with one foolish bill or one bombastic politician, and meanwhile they break and rewire the country as you look the other way.

Right now in this country there is a massive network of conservative lawyers and individuals and organizations whose entire existence is about finding exactly the right case to bring before the Supreme Court to get changes they desire codified into law.

And don’t think for even one second that people from the Federalist Society like Gorsuch and Kavanaugh aren’t briefed in advance. These people were born and raised in this conservative machine. They are soldiers, tapped by the Powers that Be to step up to the front lines of SCOTUS and fulfill their function. The Kennedies of the world make you think they’re moderate, but they just vote that way when the case is not essential to The Plan. They are patient, they can wait. And when a case like Citizens United comes along, that’s when they strike, because they know the truth ramifications of their decision in that case, because the case was tailor-made to produce that effect.

Trump has literally no idea who these people are. He has outsourced all his decisions on judges to the Federalist Society. These judges sit on the bench, waiting for the signal, waiting for the perfect case, and they’ll sit there and pretend to be impartial and pretend as though they’re the perfect portrait of the neutral reading and interpreting of constitutional law, and then they’ll vote in the way that they always planned to vote, for some draconian of byzantine piece of legislation they always planned to vote for, and society will be that much worse for it.

We, all of us, need to get wiser and smarter. You need to look behind the bullshit on TV, the surface politics, the lie, and look to the plan. You need to realize what Republicans are doing, how they’re doing it, and vote and engage in civic action to disrupt the plan.

Republicans don’t give a fuck about Trump. He’s a flash in the pan. He’ll be here and gone one way or another, nothing but a humiliating black spot on the nation, but they’ll have used him up and tossed him out and gone on to the next scheme, further enshrining their power in a space where the votes and wills of the people can’t touch it.

Let me leave you with an analogy. We all know the story of Bernie Madoff. The man who conned the nation, stole billions, and was finally brought to justice for his crimes.

But what few ever understand is that it was likely a few billionaires behind the scenes pulling Madoff’s strings. These people were getting 20, 30, 40% annual returns on their investments, and were far too rich and savvy not to understand that can only happen illegally. As Madoff describes it, and as the facts likely bear out, Madoff was a toady, a public face enabled by these men to scam millions of people and funnel their money directly into their accounts.

One of these men committed suicide, but none of them have ever faced justice. They are rarely named in the Madoff scandal.

Trump is Madoff. McConnell is Madoff. They’re the ones that take the heat. But they’re not the power, they’re not The Plan, they’re just foot soldiers, they’re the right hand waving in your face, when you need to pay attention to the left hand holding the dagger, hidden behind their back.

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