VP Harris tells the GOP to ‘stop pushing the false choice’ that ‘everybody’s trying to come after your guns’ after series of mass shootings : politics

I just don’t understand it.

Forced confiscation is a political and logistical nightmare, not to mention the body count it would cause.

If you’re terrified the the government will ban a weapon, then just buy it now. Chances are the folks who freak out about it already own it anyway. Grandfather clauses exist for a reason.

I live in Chicago, and I can’t legally buy an AR-15 rifle, but I can own an AR-15 pistol, and pretty much any other firearm. In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter? Then again, an AR-15 ban is ultimately fruitless. Efforts should be focused on preventing dangerous people from getting guns in the first place, rather than focusing on a specific type. Unfortunately, a large portion of the population would consider that to be an infringement.

You don’t need an arsenal to protect yourself, and there are much bigger issues in the world than what weapons you have in your safe. Gun nuts will tell me it’s about the principle of rights and “shall not be infringed”, to which I say, don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. Your 10th gun won’t protect you any better than your 5th, it won’t feed you, it won’t give you a pay raise, it won’t fix poverty, it won’t provide you with affordable healthcare, and it won’t address climate change.

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