WaPo Reporter Knocks Down Hawley Whining About Being Silenced During Interview : politics

He’s so misunderstood. He’s on TV all the time, talking about how he’s not getting any attention.


Josh Hawley is a United States senator, published author, and frequent guest on Fox News, the most-watched U.S. cable-news network. Despite this, he has complained for months now that he is one of the biggest victims of so-called “cancel culture” and has been “silenced” by the “woke” mob.

During their conversation, Washington Post reporter Cat Zakrzewski brought up his objection to President Joe Biden’s electoral victory over Donald Trump, asking whether the senator currently believes Biden is the “legitimately elected” president. (Insurrectionists, incited by Trump, stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 in an attempt to stop congressional certification of Biden’s win.)

“I do,” Hawley acknowledged before claiming that “the heart of [his] objection” to Biden’s electoral win was that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court didn’t hear the merits of a Trump-backed lawsuit seeking to throw out mail-in votes.

“Senator, I just want to step in here if you’re going to challenge this on saying they didn’t hear the merits of the case,” Zakrzewski responded. “Because there was an appeals court that ruled that the case lacked merit, so it’s difficult for a court to rule on the merits when they don’t exist.”

As Zakrzewski tried to steer the conversation back to whether Hawley accepted Biden as the duly elected president, the senator whined that the reporter “can’t have it both ways” and she was “wrong” about how the court case was dismissed.

And then—as is his shtick—he cried cancel culture.

“Listen, it’s an important point,” the senator exclaimed. “Don’t try to censor, cancel, and silence me here!”

Zakrzewski calmly retorted: “Senator, we’re hosting you here.”

Seemingly oblivious to the reporter’s authoritative reply, Hawley continued to loudly complain, telling Zakrzewski that she had to “listen to the truth.”

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