We Can’t Be Held Hostage to a Political Party That Has Lost Its Mind

the only organized mob coup d’etat in the country’s history

That is quite an appropriate way of framing the event.

Honestly, I only realized it today but I actually have a certain amount of respect for the people who went to the January 6th rally and did not follow the mob into the Capitol building. I can definitely see how appealing joining the mob night have felt to many of those who held back and exercised their self control.

I just wish that republicans could recognize that this is not about freedom of speech but the limitations of it and when it becomes unpeaceable / insurrection.

I am sick of people comparing it to the black lives matter protests, which did fall victim to police riots as well as simultaneous looting and rioting by opportunists that has sadly been framed as a part of the protest.

I feel as though black lives matter protests and the trump rally are on equal footing as far as protected free speech (regardless of merit of argument), the police riots at the black lives matter protests were a natural reaction to Extremely aggressive actions by law enforcement officers, and the riots, looting, and failed coups should be condemned and prosecuted… Technically I believe that about successful coups as well but there is only so much you can do in that situation.

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