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Sam Altman’s Bold $7 Trillion AI Supergroup Could Ignite an AI Endgame

The biggest and potentially most important technological development of our lifetimes happened this past week.

I’ll bet that most investors completely missed it

This development could, without exaggeration, remake the world as we know it forever.

The story was reported in a Wall Street Journal article released late Thursday night, and it confirmed something very serious and significant.

The AI Endgame is here.

That is, the WSJ reported Thursday night that the world’s leading AI innovator – OpenAI CEO Sam Altman – is in discussions with every major player in the global AI industry to raise up to $7 TRILLION to reshape the global AI landscape.

That’s a lot of money.

That’s bigger than the annual economic output of every country in the world besides the U.S.

It is bigger than Britain and Germany’s economies combined.

It is bigger than Microsoft (MSFT) and Apple (AAPL) combined.

It is about 14X size of the entire global semiconductor industry these days.

No one in the history of capitalism has ever raised anywhere close to that much money.

Now, Sam wants to do it to architect the AI Endgame.

Sam Altman’s $7 Trillion Revolution

Here’s the genesis for Sam’s idea: AI applications currently require a ton of chips, computing capacity, and energy to run effectively. Further, more advanced AI applications will require even more chips, computing capacity, and energy. He is 100% convinced that, in order for AI to become a global ubiquity and truly redefine the world, we need more chips, more data centers, and more energy – as soon as possible.

His plan is to establish an AI “supergroup” and pour $7 trillion into building dozens of chip factories, data centers, and power production centers across the globe. This supergroup will comprise the U.S. and UAE governments; SoftBank (SFTBY), the largest tech investor; Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM), the largest chipmaker; Microsoft, the largest company; and several other major chipmakers, data center operators, and tech giants.

In short, Sam believes the world needs more AI infrastructure. And this group is his $7 trillion ticket to construct that infrastructure.

The WSJ article suggests that he doesn’t want to wait around for the world to figure this out. He wants to form a supergroup to build all of this infrastructure now.

If he succeeds – and this supergroup does successfully pour $7 trillion into creating all the AI infrastructure the world will ever need – then that will serve as a launching pad for a global takeover of AI technologies.

That’s because the things holding back AI applications today are chip, computing capacity, and energy shortages. In a world where we have abundant AI chips, computing capacity, and energy, AI developers can theoretically build as many AI products and services as they want, train those models forever with the most advanced training algorithms, and power those applications forever.

In other words, in the world Sam is trying to architect, AI models will have a pathway to becoming infinitely powerful.

This is the “endgame” for AI.

Sam is reshaping the future of AI, the future of our economy, and the future of our world before our very eyes.

Frankly, this is the biggest news I’ve heard… ever.

Of course, the trillion-dollar question is: Will it work? Will Sam succeed in creating this supergroup and raising $7 trillion?

It’s a long shot. But it’s also Sam Altman.

I think “yes.”

This is the guy who kickstarted the whole AI Boom in late 2022 with the launch of ChatGPT. Since then, the entire U.S. stock market – as measured by the S&P 500 – has added $8 trillion in value.

Sure, Sam hasn’t ever raised $7 trillion before. No one has. But he’s arguably responsible for creating $8 trillion in wealth over the past year and change.

He’s going to do it.

My money is on Sam.

The AI supergroup is going be formed. They’ll raise $7 trillion. They’ll pour all that money into constructing tons of AI infrastructure. And, once complete, AI will proceed to take over the world.

The AI Endgame is here.

The Final Word

So – what do we do about it?

How do we end up on the winning side of this endgame?

I’m going to answer those very questions this Tuesday evening, Feb. 13, at 8pm EST, in an emergency broadcast about this coming AI Endgame.

Specifically, I’ve crafted what I think is a very good investment plan and portfolio for investors to profit from this AI Endgame.

I’m going to unveil that plan and portfolio on Tuesday evening at this emergency broadcast.

To be sure, there is no guarantee that this is going to happen. There’s no guarantee Sam Altman pulls of the most ambitious fundraising plan in the history of capitalism.

But I think he will.

And if/when he does succeed, the world will change forever.

Let’s make sure you’re on the right side of that permanent change.

Click here to reserve your seat to my emergency broadcast now.

On the date of publication, Luke Lango did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

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