3 Reasons to Get a Costco Membership as Newlyweds

When you imagine the typical Costco member, you probably picture a suburban parent lugging a few young kids in tow. In reality, a host of people can benefit from joining Costco, from college students to retirees. And if you’re a newlywed, you, too, might really appreciate the perks of a Costco membership. Here are some reasons to join with your new spouse right away.

1. You can book a delayed honeymoon through Costco Travel

Sometimes, it doesn’t work out to depart for your honeymoon the morning after your wedding. Maybe you stayed in town to spend time with guests who came in for the big event. Or maybe you just couldn’t swing all the time off from work.

If you and your spouse have yet to take your honeymoon, it could pay to join Costco for that reason alone. Costco Travel offers a host of unique vacation packages, from cruises to theme parks to resort stays. Many of these deals are affordably priced, and they often come with perks that you’ll only be privy to as a Costco member, like resort credits.

2. You can stock your new kitchen with grocery staples and gadgets

It may be that you and your spouse lived together before tying the knot. But if not, and you’re moving in together for the first time, you may have some kitchen-stocking to do, from spices to cooking oils to gadgets you weren’t gifted already.

Costco could be a great source for all of these things. But before you do a major stock-up, assess your cooking needs.

If you do a lot of at-home food prep, buying pantry staples in bulk could make financial sense. But you probably don’t want to load up on bulk spices, for example, if you only cook a meal once every other week.

Similarly, be careful with the kitchen gadgets you buy. Right now, Costco has the Nutribullet Ultra Deluxe Blender for $30 off the usual price, so you may be tempted to add that to your kitchen collection. But it’s not worth buying if it’s just going to sit there collecting dust.

3. You can buy discounted gift cards for events and date nights

Date nights are an important thing for newlyweds. They’re a chance to do different things together, connect, and avoid the demands of home life (staying in for a movie marathon, for example, might mean throwing in loads of laundry in between films, which kind of kills the mood).

Costco’s discounted gift cards could be your ticket to affordable date nights. Some examples:

  • You can buy $100 worth of gift cards to Romano’s Macaroni Grill for just $64.99 right now.
  • You can score $100 worth of Texas de Brazil gift cards for $79.99.
  • You can get a $50 Cinemark gift card for $39.99.
  • You can buy discounted tickets to various Major League Baseball games.

Clearly, there’s lots to be gained from a Costco membership when you’re a newlywed. So you may want to consider joining sooner rather than later.

A basic (Gold Star) Costco membership costs just $60 a year, while an Executive membership costs $120 and gives you 2% cash back on your Costco purchases. If you’re sitting on a pile of wedding cash, it could pay to dip in to cover your initial membership fee.

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