4 Reasons I Like the Chase Sapphire Reserve More Than the Amex Platinum

I’ve been a big fan of the Chase Sapphire Reserve® for many years. Since I’m a frequent traveler, I get good value from the included travel benefits, and I appreciate that I earn rewards every time I swipe my card. 

The Platinum Card® from American Express is another popular premium card. While many travelers love this credit card, I’m more drawn to the Chase Sapphire Reserve®. Here’s why this card is ideal for me. 

1. It has a less costly annual fee

These credit cards have pricey annual fees compared to other travel cards. The Chase Sapphire Reserve® costs $550 yearly, while The Platinum Card® from American Express has an even more costly annual fee of $695 (see rates and fees).

I’m willing to spend money on annual fees if I get good use out of the perks provided. The benefits included with the Chase Sapphire Reserve® are worth the $550 price tag. Plus, it’s cheaper than $695, which is good news for my bank account balance. 

2. The travel credit is straightforward to use

It’s not uncommon for rewards credit cards to provide travel statement credits for select travel purchases. The Amex Platinum Card has various credits, including an annual up to $200 hotel statement credit for select hotel bookings made through Amex Travel (terms apply). 

This Amex credit card also offers an up to $200 airline fee credit. You can select one airline every calendar year, and when you charge your card for eligible incidental fees like baggage fees or in-flight drink purchases, you can earn a statement credit of up to $200 yearly. Terms apply. While this is a nice benefit, I hardly spend money on extra airline fees like this, so it’s of little interest to me.  

The Chase Sapphire Reserve®, on the other hand, provides cardholders with an up to $300 annual travel credit. This credit applies to eligible travel purchases made with your card. You don’t have to book through Chase Travel to claim your credit. Since it’s so straightforward to use this credit, it doesn’t go to waste. 

3. I earn elevated dining rewards with my card 

The Amex Platinum Card earns 5X points when you use your card for hotel stays booked through the Amex Travel portal and 5X points on up to $500,000 in airline purchases made directly with airlines and through Amex Travel. But other purchases beyond these categories earn 1x points. Terms apply.

While I spend significant money on travel, I also regularly spend money at restaurants. The Chase Sapphire Reserve® is better for me because it offers 3x rewards on dining purchases, including takeout and delivery orders. Since dining and travel purchases are my top spending categories, I can maximize my rewards with this Chase credit card. 

The Platinum Card® from American Express is packed with travel perks, but its benefits are also geared toward shoppers. Additional benefits include an annual $100 Saks Fifth Avenue statement credit and an up to $12.95 monthly Walmart+ membership statement credit. Terms apply. I wouldn’t get much value from either of these shopping benefits, so the Chase Sapphire Reserve® is an ideal option because I care more about travel benefits. 

Carefully review the benefits provided with a rewards credit card

If you’re considering getting either of these credit cards, carefully review the benefits offered to determine which card best fits your needs. Both of these cards have features that are well-liked by travelers like you. But one card may be a better fit for your needs and goals. 

You should also review your budget to ensure you can afford a pricey annual fee. You don’t want to commit to something you can’t afford. There are other travel credit cards with less expensive yearly fees — including ones that cost less than $100 a year. 

Looking for a different travel credit card? Check out our list of the best travel rewards credit cards to explore alternative cards with travel benefits. If you prefer to earn cash back rewards, here’s a list of the best cash back credit cards. 

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