How to Get up to $70 Off Your Next Costco Order

Having a Costco membership can help you save on your monthly grocery bill, not to mention give you a lineup of great Kirkland Signature products to try. The downside is that you have to pay $60 a year for the privilege (or $120 for an Executive membership).

On top of that, there’s the problem of actually shopping at Costco, which involves fighting for parking, dodging carts narrowly around crowded turns, and waiting for your hot dog at a food court that looks like a Best Buy on Black Friday in the 2010s.

But, for some Costco members, shopping at the warehouse may soon be a thing of the past. That’s because Costco has recently entered into a partnership with Uber and is now allowing members to order groceries through Uber Eats with significant discounts. One recent discount is 50% off a Costco order (up to $70 in savings). If you haven’t seen this discount yet, let’s take a look at how you can get one.

How to get $70 off your next Costco order

To get this deal, you’ll need to have an Uber Eats account. There’s no code to enter, but you do need to activate the offer for the savings to apply. When activated, you’ll save 50% off a Costco order on up to $70 in savings, or $140 spent. Uber will also throw in a $0 delivery fee and 5% off your grocery order.

If you don’t see the discount in your app, don’t fret: It might take some time before Uber issues the coupon to your account. For example, I just got my 50% off promotion this week (May 23), while other Uber Eats users reported getting theirs on May 19. Keep checking the “promotions” tab in your app, as Uber may not alert you through any other means.

You don’t need to be a Costco member to buy groceries from the warehouse via Uber Eats. But Costco members may get extra discounts. For example, Costco members may soon get a 20% discount on an Uber One membership, which normally costs $96 per year but comes with 10% off eligible orders and free deliveries.

As a regular Uber Eats user, I can testify that the app is generous with its promotions. While this is a new partnership between two behemoth companies, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was offered again. If you happen to miss it this time around, keep checking your app for more significant discounts.

You might also want to consider getting the Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card. This card earns 3% back on groceries, dining out, entertainment, and select streaming services. Better yet, it earns a whopping 10% back on Uber Eats purchases and will credit your monthly Uber One membership through Nov. 14, 2024. The card has no annual fee, but since it’s a Mastercard you won’t be able to use it in-store at Costco warehouses.

Finally, if you’re not using Uber Eats yet, it might be worth creating an account just to get this promotion. Even with the markups and service fees on the Uber platform, the promotion could provide much needed relief for your food budget. Create your account today and see if you can snag this deal.

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