How to See if You Qualify for an Amex Platinum Card Without Impacting Your Credit Score

It’s easy to see why so many people want the Amex Platinum Card — it’s packed with perks. (Terms apply.) And if you spend any time on social media listening to the folks complaining about lounge crowds, you’d think pretty much everyone has one.

Despite what the complainers opine, however, Amex doesn’t hand them out to just anyone. The Platinum Card® from American Express requires not just a decent income, but good credit, as well.

In general, you’ll want a credit score of at least 670 when you apply, though a score over 740 — in the “excellent” range — would be even better. Amex will look at your entire credit history, not just your score, before making a decision on your approval. But having a stronger credit score might help.

You can test the waters without credit impact

If you’re not sure about whether you’ll get approved, there’s a really easy way to find out: Apply!

Alright, I know, that sounds like I’m yanking your chain. But I mean it. Amex has made it so you can apply for the Amex Platinum Card and see if you’re approved without getting a ding to your credit score from a hard inquiry. Only if you’re approved and want the card will Amex send your info to the bureaus.

Here’s how Amex puts it: “After you submit your application, we’ll let you know if you’re approved first — without any impact to your credit score. If you choose to accept the Card, the information we provide to the credit bureau(s) may impact your credit score.”

Watch out for “pop-up jail”

American Express has some fairly strict rules around the welcome bonuses for its cards. The main one being that you’re limited to one welcome bonus per card per lifetime.

However, already having earned the bonus isn’t the only reason you may not be eligible for one. Sometimes Amex puts limits on your eligibility for certain card families, or if it suspects you’re churning (opening new cards just for the welcome bonuses).

If you’re not eligible for the welcome bonus for any reason, Amex will generally provide a pop-up during the application process that warns you about your ineligibility. (This is called “pop-up jail” by people in the rewards world.) In some cases, you may simply need to wait a few months. In others, you may need to move on to a different card.

What to do if you’re turned down

Sometimes, even someone who is seemingly well-qualified may be rejected when they apply for the Amex Platinum Card. In that case, you may want to try contracting Amex’s reconsideration line: 1-800-567-1083

You can request that your credit card application be reviewed by hand. Sometimes, this may lead to you being approved. However, there is no guarantee, and the rejection may be upheld.

If you simply want to apply again, Amex requires you to wait at least 30 days from when you receive the rejection letter in the mail. But I’d probably give it at least a few months so you can work on whatever credit issues may have caused the denial in the first place.

The Amex Platinum Card is a great travel rewards card, but it isn’t great for everyone. If you aren’t approved, you may be better off looking for another travel card to suit your needs.

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