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Oracle’s Multimillion-Dollar Bet on Ampere Computing’s Microchips Fuels Cloud Ambitions

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Oracle’s Significant Investment in Ampere Computing’s Microchip Processors

Oracle has made a substantial investment in Ampere Computing, a startup specializing in designing energy-efficient and high-performance microchip processors tailored for data centers. This strategic move aims to bolster Oracle’s cloud computing services with cutting-edge chip technology.

Prepayment for Ampere Chips

According to Oracle’s proxy statement, the company agreed to prepay $104.1 million for processor chips manufactured by Ampere Computing. This prepayment demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to integrating Ampere’s chips into its cloud infrastructure.

$400 Million Convertible Note Investment

In addition to the prepayment, Oracle invested $400 million in Ampere Computing through a convertible note during its fiscal year 2023.This substantial investment underscores Oracle’s confidence in Ampere’s chip technology and its potential to provide a competitive edge in the cloud computing market.

Early Adoption and Integration

Oracle was among the first cloud companies to adopt Ampere’s chips in 2021, recognizing their potential for enhancing performance and energy efficiency. The company has announced plans to integrate Ampere’s flagship AmpereOne CPUs into its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute A2 Instances, offering leading price-performance and the highest available processor core count in the industry.

Strategic Partnership and Board Representation

The relationship between Oracle and Ampere extends beyond financial investment. Renee James, the CEO of Ampere Computing, holds a position on Oracle’s board of directors, further solidifying the strategic partnership between the two companies.

Competitive Advantage in Cloud Computing

By integrating Ampere’s custom-designed, energy-efficient chips into its cloud services, Oracle aims to gain a competitive advantage over rivals like Amazon and Google, which also develop their own server chips.This investment positions Oracle to offer high-performance and cost-effective cloud computing solutions to its customers.

Oracle’s substantial investment in Ampere Computing’s microchip processors demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of cloud computing technology. By leveraging Ampere’s innovative chip designs, Oracle aims to enhance the performance and efficiency of its cloud services, ultimately providing a superior offering to its customers.

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