Top 5 Side Hustles That Don’t Require a College Degree

If you’d like to make good money with a side hustle while working from home, but don’t have a college degree or a lot of specific professional or corporate experience, don’t worry. There are lots of great options for you to earn extra cash. FlexJobs recently published a list of the best side hustles that pay well, including some side gigs that pay $18-$25 per hour (or more).

Some of the best side hustles are in career fields that typically don’t require a four-year degree — and some even let you work from home.

Let’s check out a few examples of the best side hustles that don’t require a college degree.

1. Graphic designer ($27.88 per hour)

Some graphic design job postings ask for a college degree or an extensive portfolio, but not all! If you’re handy with Photoshop and other graphic design tools, if you have an eye for compelling visuals and smart marketing, and if you’re willing to work hard and start with small projects, you might be able to make extra money with a graphic design side hustle. Many employers don’t care about a college degree if you’ve got the skills to deliver the well-designed work they need.

This side hustle offers a median pay of $27.88 per hour, according to FlexJobs analysis.

2. Event planning ($25.27 per hour)

Are you good at organizing social gatherings, managing details, coordinating people, and making the trains run on time? If so, you could be a great fit for a side hustle as an event planner. Many corporate events, conference centers, banquet halls, sports venues, and other facilities need to hire people for short-term events. If you love to be where the action is and be part of the exciting bustle of live entertainment and big gatherings, working a side hustle as an event planner could be right for you.

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This side hustle offers a median pay of $25.27 per hour.

3. Medical coder ($22.69 per hour)

Medical coders help doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics, and patients navigate the requirements of America’s health insurance system. If you love to work independently and have great attention to detail, working a side hustle as a medical coder could be right for you — and according to FlexJobs, medical coders are seeing strong demand for future career growth

This side hustle does not require a degree and pays $22.69 per hour.

4. Travel agent ($22.31 per hour)

Even though online search tools like Google Flights have made it easier for most people to book their own travel, there is still a need for travel agent services. Some companies hire part-time, flexible, work-from-home travel agents to help book travel for corporate clients, sell international travel packages, and more. If you love travel and enjoy helping people get their itineraries sorted out, working as a travel agent can be a fun and lucrative side hustle.

FlexJobs survey data shows that travel agent side hustles can earn a median pay of $22.31 per hour.

5. Human services ($18.52 per hour)

Do you love working with people and being part of a socially important mission or cause? If so, working a side hustle in human services could help you make extra cash while contributing to an idealistic purpose. Human services side hustles can run the gamut from helping people sign up for social services, to staffing booths at public events, and doing outreach to help underserved members of the community get access to healthcare, affordable housing, and more.

Some more advanced social work jobs will typically require a college degree or licensing, but many entry-level human services gigs are available on a flexible basis and can be a good fit for those with no college degree. This side hustle pays $18.52 per hour (median pay) according to FlexJobs.

Bottom line

One of the best ways to start a business is to start as a side hustle — and some of the best side hustles don’t require a college degree. Choosing the right side hustle can help you make extra money and learn valuable new skills. The best side hustles don’t just put extra money in your bank account; they can help you chart an empowering new path for your career.

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