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Collective Audience NASDAQ:CAUD Transforming Digital Advertising

By Chief Editor, All Stocks News 

April, 28th, 2024

If you’ve spent any time on the web, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how seemingly every single website asks you whether to “accept cookies” or not. Cookies are snippets with data that websites use to identify and associate information with a user’s computer. They’re attached to a browser, so it can save certain preferences across websites for users, as well as influence their targeted advertising. In particular, they’re especially useful for retargeting, a process by which a user gets “followed around” by a company’s ads after they leave their website. For years, they’ve been a critical way that websites and digital marketers help gather information on their users. Through cookies, digital marketers have been able to gain great insight into their users, such as their demographics, activity patterns, and more. But the dominance of cookies is coming to an end.

In 2023, Google announced plans to deprecate cookies for good. Currently, they plan to have third party cookies phased out for 100% of their users by early 2025. With Google Chrome approaching a majority share of internet browsers, the effects of this change will be drastic, and other companies are expected to follow suit. With such a drastic change to the conventional way companies track and target their desired customers, those who want to stay ahead will have to adapt, and fast. That’s where Collective Audience comes in.

Collective Audience (NASDAQ: CAUD) has built a performance based metric system that provides companies with even better insight into their customers than the old way of doing things. And the best part about it? No cookie dependence. A new system that’s fully adapted to the cookie-less revolution, taking the stress away from companies and marketers who might otherwise be scrambling to find a way to deal with the loss of tracking and targeting systems previously provided by cookies. Collective Audience is an up and coming power player in the digital advertising space who are poised to capture a significant share in a $400B market which is on track to double in size before the end of the decade. As of 2020, the digital advertising space surpassed traditional advertising to become the biggest advertising space.

Aside from solving the issue of the cookie-less revolution, what else does Collective Audience offer that makes it stand out from the pack? Collective Audience’s premier technology is the Audience Cloud, a single point of entry for buyers and sellers that allows digital marketing transactions to occur transparently and freely. It makes the markets within digital marketing transactions simpler and easier to translate into actionable business advice, by simplifying the data gathered from performance metrics. It also prevents advertising budget being wasted on bot traffic and optimizes supply chains by removing constant back and forths between buyers and sellers. In effect, the Audience Cloud links the ‘supply’ and ‘demand’ sides of digital marketing. On the supply side is all the lead gen, media channels, traffic, affiliates, and so on, and on the demand side is the ad formats, advertisers, and agencies. All of these are synchronized using the Collective Audience Cloud to create a highly versatile and high-visibility infrastructure. Say goodbye to having to piece together data from multiple different sources, relying on sheer conjecture to make business decisions based on one digital marketing stream or another.



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