These 5 Business Types Have the Highest Odds of Success in 2024

Starting a business is a huge undertaking. Anyone who goes into business would like assurances that theirs will be a huge success. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees, no matter what type of business a person starts. 

Still, some businesses will always be in demand and have higher odds of success than others, especially for entrepreneurs who do their homework before opening their doors to customers.

1. Technology businesses

Why they’re likely to succeed: Despite recent layoffs, the tech sector will continue to grow. Rapid advancements fuel the need for professionals who can do everything — from teaching others how to make the most of their technology to teaching professionals how to make repairs.

Business ideas

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) expert: If you have a deep knowledge of AI and have always wanted to develop AI-driven products or services, now may be your time as more businesses open their wallets to invest in AI.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) professional: The introduction of AI has not cooled the need for those who can provide software solutions for businesses and individuals.
  • Technology consultant: A consulting business would allow you to charge companies for your tech expertise. The good news is that technology is not going anywhere, and once you get it established, your business is likely to be around for decades.
  • Cybersecurity expert: Now that nearly all businesses count on technology to keep their businesses up and running, there’s a greater need for experts who can help protect digital assets and corporate privacy.

2. Janitorial services

Why they’re likely to succeed: For hundreds of years, there’s been a demand for people who can efficiently clean a building or residence. The cleaning equipment may be different, but a top-notch cleaning company can easily fill their business bank account with cash. 

Business ideas

  • Home cleaning expert: Given the number of people who don’t have time to clean their homes, a dependable home cleaning expert could scale their small business rather quickly. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much capital to start a home cleaning service.
  • Business cleaning professional: Offices will always need to be cleaned, and businesses will always be on the lookout for cleaning professionals they can trust to get the job done. While start-up costs may be a bit higher for those who choose to clean businesses, it’s still inexpensive compared to other types of businesses.

3. Renewable energy experts

Why they’re likely to succeed: The Earth is heating up, and everything, from weather patterns to air turbulence, has been impacted. In response to the warming planet, the global focus has shifted to creating renewable energy and reducing carbon footprints.

Business ideas

  • Environmental consultant: An environmental consultant provides businesses with a step-by-step plan to reduce their operations’ environmental impact. If your background is in environmental science, you may have the expertise needed to help guide businesses as they do their part to fight global warming and waste.
  • Solar and wind energy sales: Any business that helps provide clean energy alternatives has a good chance of success, especially after it has earned a reputation for providing energy alternatives that fit a customer’s needs and budget.

4. Pet care services

Why they’re likely to succeed: Americans are expected to spend a staggering $147 billion on their pets this year. In short, many Americans consider their pets a beloved part of the family. If you’re wild about pets and ultra-organized, pet care is an industry that is not going anywhere.

Business ideas

  • Pet walker: Pet walkers allow pet owners to work without worrying about whether the dogs are getting the exercise they need. On average, pet walkers earn $20 for a 30-minute walk, and it’s an entirely scalable business. That may mean walking several dogs at one time or continually taking on new clients.
  • Pet groomer: While everyone wants their pets to look their best, not everyone has the talent to groom them. That’s where a good pet groomer is worth their weight in gold. Building a long list of faithful clients is possible, whether you’re an experienced groomer or plan to be trained.
  • Pet trainers: If you always have well-behaved animals at home and you know how to make your training techniques work for others, your expertise is a skill plenty of frustrated pet owners would be happy to pay for.

5. Online businesses

Why they’re likely to succeed: The shift toward online shopping and learning means you have a larger pool of potential customers than ever.  

Business ideas

  • E-commerce business owner: E-commerce business owners operate entirely online. You’re responsible for everything, from purchasing inventory to marketing and shipping.
  • Dropship business owner: When you dropship, you advertise products owned by other companies. You set a high enough price to make a profit, make the sale, and collect the money. You then pay the dropshipping company the asking price for the product and give it the customer’s mailing address. If you want happy customers, though, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to only working with drop shippers who guarantee fast shipping.
  • Online tutoring: Whether your special skill is speaking Norwegian or advanced mathematics, there are people willing to pay you to tutor them or their children. Like the Zoom video meetings conducted during the pandemic, your classroom is totally online. 

Often, a business’s success comes down to customer demand and satisfaction. To fill customer demand, research the business you’re considering to ensure customers need your goods or services. If you want a business to thrive, focus on making your customers so happy with your service that they’ll recommend you to others. 

Finally, the magic ingredient that helps any business succeed is passion. If you’re passionate about what you do, it’s sure to show. 

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